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Year: 2018-2019

Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign


Sexual assault, stalking, and the use of date rape drugs is heavily prevalent on college campuses at the current moment, and with the lack of education, support, prevention measures put into place, reporting, and therapy given to victims, the statistics of each topic are alarming. What’s more important is the fact that there is a blind eye turned towards these important subjects and the victims, because if it hasn’t happened to you, your friends, your loved ones such as your daughter or son, a niece or nephew and so on, it doesn’t seem to affect you. However, by turning a blind eye, we are all letting down the victims and potential future victims. If it doesn’t hit home, it doesn’t seem to matter, and through my thesis, I wish to change this. We need to change our culture and do better by our fellow human beings because if we do not act, it will not get any better.


I chose to focus on this as my thesis, as it is a topic I have been studying for many years and wanted to continue my research on. It’s something that many shy away from and choose to turn a blind eye towards, which is why I wanted to put focus on the topic. I want people to learn from this and strive to do better. Our culture must change and in order to do so, we need to begin the conversation.


With my research, I’ve found that the disturbing statistics are ever prevalent and schools are still doing very little to provide aid and support to their students. It’s time for this to come to an end and to do better by all victims and any future victims.


It’s time to start the conversation on campus sexual assault and its related fields.


It’s time to shatter the silence.

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